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Trouble sending maps from Mapsource onto my Garmin 60Csx

Started by Jobob, November 08, 2008, 12:10:30 PM

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I am having Trouble sending maps from Mapsource onto my Garmin 60Csx.
I get the message that the Your GPS does not support Map transfer.

The maps are maps that I have  loaded from this site . I had already loaded the maps onto My Garmin  and had used them for a month with no problem. Some how I erased them and I Am now trying to reloaded the maps I was using before ,California and Aizonia topo's plus I thought I would add USA 2.0. I am now getting the error message regardless of what maps I try and load.


I found my own problem
The memory chip was loose.
Took it out and reinserted it and the unit worked fine.


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