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2 PostGreSQL Questions

Started by Seldom, October 28, 2009, 10:20:09 AM

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1) I see an extended tutorial using PostGreSQL to add MP_Types to NHD shapefiles.  Are there other applications for PostGreSql, because I can assign a lot of types (except those in question number 2 below) just using a GM script?

2) In the waterbody portion of that tutorial I see the script assigning multiple MP_Types to a particular fcode based on the area of the waterbody.  When I look at the cgpsmapper manual I see the types, but the description is the same (lake/pond?) for each type.   Will differentiating by area affect anything I can read on the map now (or in the future)?


Indrid Cold

1. PostGIS & PostgreSQL are for users that don't have GlobalMapper.
2. There are dupes in the types and it shouldn't make much difference either way which code is assigned.


Thanks for the answer.  Makes my learning curve a little less steep.

I sent you guys an email on a related subject that's more appropriate to handle off line.  I'd appreciate if you could take a look at it.


Got your email and replied; thanks.

You can actually do clipping and things like that with PostGIS and postgreSQL.  I made a few scripts that take state borders and clip all the data to them so that I don't have overlap.
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