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Started by mrfastphil, October 19, 2009, 05:49:23 PM

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i have a question for our knowledgable forum members. i have a 60csx, and would like to use my arizona topo map that is loaded on a 2Gig scan disc card in the gps unit, and download all the surrounding geocache sites onto the card also. when one downloads the geocache sites, does the information go into the card along with the topo map, or does it get written over the map?.. will the geocache sites be written along side the topo map so that both will be on the card, or do the geocache sites get written on an internal fixed memory in the gps?...and how many sites can be loaded if they do get written on an internal memory?....and/or how is the best way to display your topo map, and have 20/30 geocaches sites loaded in the gps also on the same scan disc card? Thanks


Geocaching sites are waypoints which get loaded to internal memory - 1000 point limit.


Thanks for the reply, so the topo map on the scan disc can can be used as normal, and i guess some kind of combination of geocaches and "waypoints/marks" that stays under 1000 would be OK....downloading a single geocache location from a website would be only "one" of the 1000? Thanks again for helping a newbie


Well, i'm sure liking this website (and my 60csx) more than ever!