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New Mexico Topo

Started by Jimbob, October 20, 2009, 12:14:04 PM

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Small problem, I have downloaded NM Topo map (exe. file) from this site but have been unable to load it into garmin mapsource after running it. Mapsource says it's not a compatable file, cannot read it. I downloaded twice just to be sure the download was not coruppt.  Map source is up to date. Want to eventually load it into my 60Csx. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
Vista with trip & waypoint manager 6.15.6

Indrid Cold

Just double click the download and it will install it into MapSource, you don't open it with MapSource.


Thanks but that was not it, I'm aware it was self extracting. Just completed third download and it has loaded and is a fanastic topo. the problem was the switch to product icon in map source. thanks a bunch again, great work.

Indrid Cold

Fantastic, glad it's working out for you ;D