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Author Topic: State Plane coordinates?  (Read 4422 times)

The Lurker

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State Plane coordinates?
« on: October 19, 2009, 06:43:28 PM »
Hello all,

I'm new here and in need of a bit of help.  I have a set of coordinates for testing locations that I have to navigate to on a >700 acre engineering project.  They're in MA State Plane coordinates.  I have a Garmin Vista HCX.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the Garmin unit has no idea what MA state plane coordinates are. According to MassGIS, the State Plane uses the NAD83 datum: newbielink:http://www.mass.gov/mgis/dd-over.htm [nonactive].

I'd like to convert the State Plane coordinates to UTMs (or some system I can use with the Garmin) or find some other solution to the problem, but I'm pretty well lost at the moment.

Any help would be most sincerely appreciated.



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Re: State Plane coordinates?
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2009, 09:16:45 PM »
Grab a copy of DNRGarmin:


You can create a CSV text file of your coordinates, specify the input coordinate system using the Set Projection command, then have them converted automatically to lat/long. You can then send them directly to your Garmin, or save them in GPX format.


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Re: State Plane coordinates?
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2009, 05:21:56 AM »
Have you tried: http://crunch.tec.army.mil/software/corpscon5/corpscon5.html
We only needed to convert one or two every few days, however I believe it can convert a file of coordinates.
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Re: State Plane coordinates?
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2009, 07:03:02 AM »
Globalmapper makes this trivial. You can open files in any format, change the projection to whatever you like, then export. Maybe overkill for what you need, or maybe you would find other uses for it?