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Author Topic: Splitting polygons  (Read 1717 times)


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Splitting polygons
« on: October 12, 2009, 02:01:07 PM »
In gpsmapedit, is there some way to split polygons like you can a polyline?  I have tried converting to polylines, splitting it, and then converting back to polygons but they don't convert back right. 

I want to do this for a cople of things.  Some rivers have changed course and I want to cut out the old location and replace it with the new.

When making transparent maps a major river or big lake crossing a road covers it up.  For a small stream, it is not a problem, but for a major river like the Mississippi, it is a problem.  I usually just edit the nodes and move them close together so it is just barely visible crossing the rd.  But splitting it may be easier.