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Map install on garmin 220

Started by eriabb, October 10, 2009, 06:13:49 PM

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I need help!!!   I just purchased my first gps device. It is a garmin 220. I have mapsource on my computer and am ready to install maps. I have downloaded topo maps for illinois. My problem is, the map shows up on the dropdown list like the tutorial shows, but when I open it up in mapsource I do not get any type of graphics related to topography. What i do get is all the topo areas that show up in yellow. I can highlite them in pink like the tutorial shows but still no graphics. I went ahead and transfered this to my micro sd card and tried it in the unit anyway. It shows up in the menu that the topo map is there but like mapsource there is no graphics. I am new to this gps stuff so any help would be appreciated.

Indrid Cold

Couple of things...

First off, GPSMAP 220, Astro 220 or ???

Next, which IL TOPO map?

Lets start with this and move on from there.