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Started by mrfastphil, October 01, 2009, 10:39:33 PM

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Thanks oz, you guys are sure smart and very helpful. i've scrolled thru the topics and read your advice about how to remove a map from mapsource on one's computer, by going to the "tool box". i'm having a little trouble finding this "tool" to remove Ibycus usa (i don't really need it, and it takes up so much room, 878MB) i am using windows XP and a garmin download of mapsource...also we like to atv in the backcountry in oregon, utah, and arizona, what topo map/maps would be good for us? and what is the difference between a complete usa topo, and the regional topos? this is a very informative site, and no doubt you guys have helped many of us newbies, thanks again


 Thanks. i saw several downloads, some beta, and the disclaimer at the top in red ink. and took a look at the sample page. looks like it will do the job.  which download would work for me, a conservative downloader who doesn't want to erase his harddrive again....also , on the maps list on this site, i could only find oregon in the left hand column, not on the right side with all the "good maps", am i missing something, or is included in another state's/ area? thanks again for your valuable time and reply


Thanks. got the "tool box" and it worked just fine for removing a map.... and got the northwest /oregon map from the download, and it has good detail ( although now i'm convinced we live on a VERY SMALL street because we're not on there ) looks like we're ready to head south for awhile, and thanks to GPSFILEDEPOT and you guys, we have some good maps for gps'ing on the atv. we got a chance to give the 60csx a workout over the weekend, we headed into the mtns on some small snowed-in trails out back, and really had fun with it. we had the truck in 4WD diff-lock most of the time, and having the 60csx gave us a great perspective where we were at. we thought we would need a 12V power cord right away, but we left our unit "on" for THREE days, and still had plenty of battery power for at least another day. thanks again guys, really appreciate the help!