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Florida Topo

Started by keb73, October 14, 2008, 06:51:36 PM

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I have just downloaded and installed the US street maps from you guys recently and I must say I like it...Way more up to date than Mapsource Topo and even my Nuvi which has 2008 road maps...More accurate to...For example,my house sits 200 foot north of a a main road that's been here for decades...Mapsource puts me slightly South of the road!!!...Your product puts me right on the money...Weird huh??? :D...It is a fine edition on my 60csx...In fact,I'm using it more than the Topo right now..My question is do you guys have anything in the works for a Florida Topo map?...I hunt and fish a lot of back water,rivers,and Water Management Areas here in the Panhandle and would love a product like this...

Keep up the good work!!!.....


Glad you like the maps.

Florida isn't on my list which current includes two maps: Idaho (should be done tomorrow after over a week of processing), and then I'll probably work on Oregon.
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