Mapped roads look correct in basecamp but not on the handheld.

Started by idiggplants, April 09, 2024, 08:53:34 AM

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So forever ago I started making my own trail map for our ATV trails around our property and other's.  Decent finised product.  ATV trails were blue, logging roads were slightly wider, pipelines were purple.  All was good.

I recently got a new computer and had to reload the maps using GPSMapEditto revise a few new trails, cgpsmapper, and mapsettoolkit to load them into basecamp.

I had a typ file that I believe is what directed what lines should show up as what.

When I open basecamp, everything looks great.  Trails are blue, the right thickness, etc etc.

When I open them on the gps, everything is incorrect.  They are just big yellow blob roads.

The fact that they are correct in basecamp tells me that my typ file is still good and doing what it is supposed to.

But why then does it not show correctly on the handheld?


Sorry, it's been awhile since I used mapsettookit and cgpsmapper. And you really haven't given us much info for troubleshooting.

You don't really say, were these same maps working correctly on your GPS before you revised them? If so, are your still using the same GPS or have you gotten a new one?

How did you "open them on the GPS"? Did you use MapInstall to send them to the GPS from Basecamp?

Did you save a copy of the old (working) map files from the GPS? Do those still work correctly today?

The fact that you got a new computer raises a question... did you move the old maps from your old computer? If so, in most cases simply copying the files isn't good enough because the Windows registry is invovled (I assume you're using Windows). This free program can properly move your old maps to a new computer.

That same program can also check your installed maps and flag any potential errors. It can even fix problems in some cases, so it might be worth a try. This program can also be helpful with map files on the GPS itself

Unfortunately, the author had a stroke some years ago and had to stop updating his software.

Just a few thoughts, since nobody else seems to be responding.