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Garmin Tread Overland XL Opinions

Started by dbeachel, November 11, 2023, 03:23:47 PM

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I am considering the new Garmin Tread XL Overlander, because, I guess I like shiny new things.

But I wanted to know if anyone here has used one.
I want to make sure I can load custom tracks and maps into the unit like I can my trusty old NUVI that serves time in my truck and ATV.

Also, any general thoughts.


They are interesting units but $1500 for a gps is way beyond my budget. I have spent so many thousands on Garmin devices over the years already, I think I'm done.

I believe these devices are completely different animals from the traditional Garmin GPS units we have discussed here in the past. I'm really not sure if you can use third party maps - my guess is that you can't (but just a guess). I don't think it is even compatible with Basecamp, I believe you have to use their online portal to manage the device. So I don't know how you would install a third party map.

Pretty sure you can import/export tracks and waypoints using that app, then send to the GPS. But I just haven't followed these newer units very closely. I don't think it will be anything like your "trusty old Nuvi", the Nuvi series was discontinued around 10 years ago so you will definitely have to learn new ways to do things.

If you get one, come back and post your "review"!


Was curious about this, did a quick search and found the following. They mention waypoints and tracks, but not maps.

"BaseCamp™ software can also be used to manage waypoints and tracks, but Basecamp does not support route creation for the Tread devices."

Then there's this

So, apparently it's possible but - if I understand this - you would need a compiled .img file that works directly on the device itself. Those are (generally speaking) not available from GPSFileDepot. Most of the maps here must be installed on your computer and sent to the GPS with MapInstall. Also found this, but it does not suggest compatibility with MapInstall

If MapInstall doesn't work, you could try installing the third party map on an old GPS (like your Nuvi) and copy the .img file from the /Map folder on that device (or /Garmin folder for older devices).


Thanks Boyd.
I have never used a .img file before, just GPX files like from BobT.
Maybe I will hold off for now.
It's funny my Nuvi is so old yet still works.
I have a lot of Garmin stuff some integrated with Kenwood radios.
I like the way they work.
Seems like the tread may be more of a tablet with a Garmin program more than a traditional Garmin.