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Minnesota topo

Started by mstl, July 19, 2023, 06:22:14 AM

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I can download the Minnesota topo map, but it does not seem to unzip.  Any suggestions?


It's s little hard to help when you provide so little information. What map are you trying to install? There's this one:

That is a commercial product that you need to purchase from the onX website. You should contact the company directly if you need help.

Then there's this free map:

I don't understand your question about unzipping. The file you download will not be zipped. It's a .exe file, which is an installer. Double-click the file and a dialog will be shown to guide you through the installation process. You should just be able to accept the default answers for all the questions.

I was able to download and run the installer but quit before actually installing.

Now this all assumes you are using a Windows computer... but you didn't tell us what kind of computer you have.


Boyd, thanks for the reply.  I downloaded the file 153-5974-Minnesota-topo-install.exe file,  This is the one in your response. 

I double clicked on the file and it did it's thing, but the map does not show up on my Garmin Basecamp or Garmin MapSource.

I am using a windows computer. 

I did the Florida topo and that worked with no problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sorry, I no longer use Garmin's software and did not install it on my new system. One possible problem might be if you have installed a different map that just happens to have the same id.

You could try using the free GMTK program, it can diagnose a variety of problems and even automatically fix some

Unfortunately, the author suffered a stroke a few years ago and although he recovered, he was unable to continue with his software development. So there might be some compatibility issues, but give it a try.


I might be able to help  ;D .  I think something may be wrong with the installer as when I extracted it I didn't find a gmapsupp.img.  That could maybe be fixed with gmap tool, but I have it and can see this map in basecamp please follow...

Go back to the homepage and download the MAC version.  You will also need and advanced extractor like 7zip or pzip, both free.
-Find what you downloaded and it will end in .tgz, right click and extract to mntopo11.tar, again right click extract and you should end up with a folder mntopo11.gmapi, now left click once to open that folder and you should end up with mntopo11.gmap (no i).  If you made it this far we are ready for the next step, if not, start over.

Go to C:\ProgramData, you should have a folder named Garmin, (map need to show hidden folders) if not right click and create folder and name Garmin.  Open the Garmin folder and create a folder and name it Maps.  we now should have C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps, if so we are ready for the final step.  Copy the mntopo11.gmap that you extracted to previously into the Maps folder you should have your map now available in Basecamp and if you choose to "install" to your gps unit go for it.

This is my preferred way for the maps I offer as Mac versions can be used on both Windows and Macs.  It may look slightly complicated but it took less than 90 seconds from download to viewing the Minnesota map.

Let us know how it goes.