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SEA-SEAsiaTopo Map

Started by marcellusak1, April 30, 2023, 03:45:26 PM

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i have tried a dozen times to D/L this to my PC. Halfway thru it fails.

any ideas?

what is the issue?


Thanks for the interest in this map!

Earlier I downloaded both the "Windows" and "Mac" versions successfully with Firefox and a Chrome based browser.  We may need more information to see what's going on like:  Browser, OS, country, ISP, AV, folder permissions.  Are you getting any error message or does it just stop?  Let us know and we'll go from there.


using firefox on a asus windows pc. windows 10 or 11. in america using a wifi.

it starts to d/l normally and then just quits halfway thru. no error message before stopping d/l.

never had any problems d/l.


Mmmm, not sure what is going on.  This site has usually not been the problem.  I'm going to upload to google drive and will pm the link to you later as an alternative possibility


finally got it d/l.

i dont if this corrupt or not. i can not get it to install on base camp.

i have a OSM maps on base camp over the last 3 or 4 years. easy to install.

maybe im trying to install this wrong?


To view in Basecamp on Windows use the "Mac" version, after extracting and opening to mapaname.gmap, mapset can be placed in the Windows C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps folder (may need to un-hide and create)

Down load the mac version which ends in gmapi after extraction, inside is the .gmap which you copy that folder over...make sure basecamp is closed when you do this.  Your not really installing it, you are putting it in a place garmin basecamp can find it


totally lost me.

u want me to re d/l in mac version to use on a pc using base camp?


anyways. ill d/l this mac version and see what happens.

i have garmin zumo. will this map work with it?


I have maps available in both .img format and .gmapi format for the most versatility, some mapmakers only offer one or the other.  You should be able to unzip the "Windows" version and copy directly the .img file to the Garmin folder on the SD card in your Zumo AND/OR copy the .gmap to your C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps\ folder on your pc. You can view the map in basecamp and if you choose to, send the map to your Zumo 


will give it go.

how often do you update the OSM for thaiand?


copy the .gmap to your C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps\ folder on your pc

nothing happens when i do this.

open base camp no map installed


You cannot view this attachment.

A short time ago I downloaded (my work computer) and unzipped, open to the gmap and copied over and as seen in the snip displaying in BC.  Does your folder look like this?

As far as updating I'm really not sure, if at all.  I got into this a few years ago for my own use then all of a sudden I had a bunch of disparate maps of the US and Canada, made some improvements and began uploading them here.  As my workflow improved, knowledge increased I began adding maps as time and interest has allowed.  Relatively few people anymore are making Garmin maps (see the Garmin/OSM wiki for others) some are limited area one and done and a few crank out the whole world weekly and I found my niche here.  It's a labor of love and I don't ask for anything and I don't really have a plan or roadmap and am just content if others find my maps useful for their purpose     

The SEA Topo is using fairly recent data FWIW.



i have tried every way i think of adding to basecamp.

d/l the file in mac

extracted it

placed in c drive garmin maps

opened basecamp. not there

i must be doing something wrong

i was using   for some reason its gone. Thai OSM was updated weekly.

i just like to see how the thai topo map looks, im thinking it would good when routing rides through the terrain


"placed in c drive garmin maps"

This is where Basecamp and Mapsource will look for the .gmap


You may have to click "show hidden folders" in the view tab when you open the c drive to see program data and may have to manually create the folder structure


finally got it.

this nice. seeing the topo with roads and tracks.

does base camp allow you to look at two different maps sametime.

example like a split screen showing the topo and OSM