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GISsurfer - New way to make custom maps for Garmin

Started by Jelf, November 23, 2022, 11:26:53 AM

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This is a *volunteer* project and part of my way to 'pay it forward'.

If you have a JPG that you have managed to georeference then you can use the free software KMZFactory to split the JPG into tiles which can then be used as a Garmin custom map.  This post describes a way that you can make JPGs that are automatically georeferenced.

GISsurfer ( is a general purpose web map I developed.  It can be used for any non-commercial purpose.  Various basemaps are built-in including scans of the paper USGS topo maps.  GISsurfer has broad support for displaying basemaps and overlays that are hosted on GIS servers.

When GISsurfer is in screenshot mode (Menu > Screenshot mode) then all controls are removed from the map so the user can:
●   Take a screenshot that is 100% map
●   Shift the screen *exactly* one screen worth up/down/left/right
●   Take a screenshot that is 100% map
●   Shift the screen *exactly* one screen worth up/down/left/right
●   Repeat as much as you like

While the user is taking screenshots GISsurfer is keeping track of all the georeference data.  And since the screenshots exactly adjoin they are easy to stitch together into a larger image.

I routinely make georeferenced JPGs that cover 300+ square miles and are 25-30 screenshots stitched together.

The GISsurfer homepage is at
For the detailed documentation go to the 'Help' page and see the list of PDF files.
One of those PDFs will walk you through the process of making georeferenced screenshots.

Finally, to help you find GIS data that you would like to include in a Garmin custom map, I curate a list with addresses for 3,000+ ArcGIS servers at all levels of government from federal to local.  An updated list is usually posted each Wednesday and any bad links are either fixed or flagged.