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Base Camp/Map Source - Map View but NO DATA

Started by EtraxJJC, September 20, 2022, 10:15:41 AM

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I loaded "446-6638-North_Cumberland_Trails_v2.3_install" and opened it in Base Camp and MapSource, I see the Map in the Map View but have no Data in the Data View. I am running Window 10 Pro. See attached.

Any help would be appreciated.


Not familiar with what you downloaded, however maps and data are two different things in Basecamp. Data would be things like waypoints, tracks and routes. These would have to be imported separately info Basecamp - for example, from your GPS.

So, unless the package you downloaded included a separate file (such as a .gpx file) and you imported it, then data will be blank. After you import data into Basecamp, it will always be there, regardless of the map you are using.


Thanks Boyd. I am used to working with gpx files and thought some of the details in the map were waypoints but nothing showed up.


Maps can contain POI, but that is completely different from what Basecamp considers "data". They cannot contain waypoints in Garmin's system, those are a form of user data that you create or load separately.

Search the map to find any included POI. I think some map authors here have included .gpx files along with their maps, not sure if that's the case with what you downloaded however.