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Map colors on GPS device

Started by Lucky Dog, August 21, 2022, 04:24:22 PM

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Lucky Dog

Map colors on GPS device.

I'm using Mapwell to make some maps to upload to my Drivetrack 70.

It seems like no matter what color I set up in Mapwell, The drivetrack ignores it and assigns its own color.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get chosen colors to upload and display on the device correctly?



Wow, I thought I was the only person in the world with a DriveTrack 70!  ;D

I have used several of my own maps on mine and it has no problem recognizing a standard Garmin .typ file. So I suspect the problem is MapWell. It has been many years since I used it, but they were doing something very strange and non-standard to customize the map appearance. IIRC, they inserted a separate .typ file in each map tile (segment). I had problems with this back in the days when I had a Nuvi device.

IIRC, you can export an .mp file from Mapwel. You could then re-compile it with cgpsmapper and use a standard .typ file.  You could then use typviewer to customize the appearance. That was my favorite .typ file editor (back when I was still making Garmin maps).

The DriveTrack and othe recent Garmin devices also can use Garmin "map themes" (.kmtf files) to customize map appearance. These can over-ride what your .typ file is doing, so it gets rather confusing.

You would need to do a Google search to learn more about these, it's been too long since I made one. But they can be created/modified with a text editor. You will find some examples if you look in the Themes folder on your DriveTrack.

Lucky Dog

Thanks for the tips.

Looks like I have some homework to do on TYP files.



You could also play around with map themes, they are just little files that you put on the GPS. No need to re-compile your map

Should go without saying... if you are going to mess with files on the GPS, make sure you have a good backup first. And on a similar note, with the DriveTrack, you really need a backup of any Birdseye imagery. Garmin has effectively "orphaned" this device by discontinuing Birdseye.


cgpsmapper is (I believe) no longer supported. I use MKGMAP for compiling .mp files. It is much faster and free.

Lucky Dog

Just a quick update.

I have not made any progress on gaining control over the colors displayed on my Drivetrack.

I have discovered that it seems to be more of a Drivetrack problem, than a Mapwell problem.

When I load maps onto my Astro 430, the different colors are recognized. It is not perfect, but works for what I'm doing.

Funny thing with the Drivetrack, I can upload the same map two different times, and get two different color results. I'm obviously missing some key setting / feature, or whatever with the Drivetrack. I wish I was smarter. ;)


Just realized that you are talking about a DriveTrack 70 (an older model) and I have the newer DriveTrack 71. I would not expect that to matter, but perhaps it does?

Here's my map of New Jersey, it works on my DriveTrack 71, DriveSmart 61, Dezl 760 and several Nuvi devices. I'd be surprised if it doesn't work on your DriveTrack 70. I discontinued this map last year but am bringing it back for a limited time since there still seems to be some interest.

Anyway, see if it works for you. The documentation is pretty thorough and there are several different .typ files and map themes enclosed for customizing the appearance. They might point you in the right direction. Just be aware, I take some liberties with Garmin road types, so that could be confusing.

If you want to look at these, let me know after you have downloaded them. I will be deleting these files soon and will not offer them again.

Mac Version for installation in Basecamp:

Windows Version for installation in Basecamp and Mapsource:

File Version for direct installation on the GPS only: