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Started by Lucky Dog, June 26, 2022, 07:53:47 AM

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Lucky Dog

Yes, the yearly subscription version of Birdseye has been discontinued.
The units that come with life time birdseye are still active to knowledge.

Birdseye is not owned by Garmin, I wonder if there is a riff? Garmin does not seem to have a good history of getting along with others.

So for us subscription based birdseye users, we no longer have any option for imagery on our units.


Birdseye is a Garmin product, but the imagery comes from Digital Globe. I have two devices that are Birdseye-compatible: a broken Montana that I no longer use and a DriveTrack 70 that I still use in the car (with my own .jnx files). The DriveTrack included a 1-year Birdseye subscription when I purchased it.

Have you actually tried to renew a Birdseye subscription for your GPS? I have not, but in discussing this, another Montana owner claimed that it was possible to renew his subscription if he did it with Basecamp (as opposed to purchasing from Garmin's website). Not sure if he actually did this, but apparently he got a message asking if he wanted to renew in Basecamp.

I will give this a try myself soon, just for fun. If they are actually not allowing current Birdseye users to renew their subscriptions, Garmin is going to have a lot of angry customers.  >:(

I see that a number of retailers are still selling Birdseye subscription cards. Wonder what happens if you buy one of these?

And Garmin still has support FAQ's for Birdseye too

Available BirdsEye Products

Subscription Based:

The subscription lasts for 1-year from the activation date. The imagery downloaded to your device during the 1-year subscription does not expire. When the subscription expires, the imagery cannot be transferred to the device from BaseCamp. The imagery already on your device remains on the device. If you wish to renew your expired subscription, you just need to purchase a new subscription.

Lucky Dog

This is what you see on the Garmin site.

I suspect that most retailers either don't know, or have not updated their website.

My dealer did not know about it till I brought it to his attention, he contacted Garmin and they verified.


OK, just tried this on my DriveTrack and it lets me download Birdseye to the computer even though I no longer have an active subscription (same as always). When I try to send to the GPS, this is what I get - again, same as always.

But when I click the link to subscribe, this is what I get. Nice job Garmin. I was disillusioned about them before, but this is a new low.  >:(