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no TYP files with Sockmonkey maps?

Started by JayArr, August 20, 2022, 05:16:14 PM

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Hi All

Trying to load and use Canadian maps by SockMonkey - listed in the Custom maps under "Canada"

If I store the .img file on a USB stick I can use then in BaseCamp so I'm relatively sure the maps/files are OK.

I can download them and process them using MapsetToolkit V1.77 but the instructions say to choose or compile a .TYP file and There is no .TYP file in the download and no .txt file to compile from.

If I leave the TYP field blank cGPSmapper (0100d) does it's thing and the "convert completed" appears but when I try to start Mapsource I get "There is a problem with the XXXXXX installation. Please re-install XXXXXX and start MapSource again. The only option is to shut down MapSource.

I've reinstalled a number of times and tried several different maps to no avail.

One thing I notice is that there are only four files generated and no TYP file, could the lack of TYP file be the cause of MapSource's refusal to startup?

I downloaded a map with the auto installer to see if i could discern a difference and the obvious one is that it had a TYP file and the SockMonkey one has an .mdx file.

Any help appreciated.



The "Windows" version is the .img file and can be directly copied or installed to the Garmin folder on your GPS (on older, single mapset devices mapname may need to be renamed gmapsupp.img), or copied to Orux/mapfiles folder.  Orux is available on the Google Play Store or for free at the authors website, To view in Basecamp on Windows use the "Mac" version, after extracting and opening to mapaname.gmap, mapset can be placed in the Windows C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps folder (may need to un-hide and create)  or installed to Mac using it's install process.

or follow this  in this case you can use the "windows" or the .img

forget cgpsmapper and mapset tool kit

The typ file is in both the gmap and img file on all my maps, user can change many visual elements with typviewer or typewiz




Quotecan be directly copied or installed to the Garmin folder on your GPS (on older, single mapset devices mapname may need to be renamed gmapsupp.img),

I don't know if I missed it or if it isn't in the tutorials but once I made a "Garmin" folder and renamed the file it loaded into the Garmin.

Model 76CSx BTW, which I'm now guessing is a single mapset device so I'm going to need a microsd card for every region and for every type of map (topo or routable)

Thanks for the quick reply sockmonkey!

BTW: I made a "Garmin" folder on my USB stick and just copied all of the maps to it. I didn't change any names and they all show up in Basecamp so no further effort required there either.


Glad you got it working.
I still have about 10 old micro sd's, some of which are 1 or 2 gb in size for an old single map etrex.  It may be hard to find anything less than 8gb new these days but 1,2 and 4's can be found on ebay.  If you get additional cards, you may need 3rd party software to resize the sd card to 4gb or less.  4> formatted fat 32, the remainder unused/unformatted.  I believe that the gps will not even try to read the contents if it is over 4gb on older gps's in addition to the Garmin/gmapsupp.img as you found out


I had already read about the 2GB limit so I bought a six pack of 2GB cards on Amazon for $23Cdn, pretty good price I think. Came in a little case to keep them organized.

I had hoped to put two or three maps on each card. Now I'll order one more and I'll just have to limit myself to twelve different maps LOL.