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What is the CGPS Mapper?

Started by ironbiscuit, April 24, 2022, 04:14:56 PM

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I'm trying to use MapsetToolkit to import a disc image file into Garmin Basecamp using this tutorial on this website.

I'm getting stuck at the cgpsmapper/cpreview folder part.  I don't understand this. What folder should I be using for this?  I tried the folder that I extracted all the map files to but it won't let me use this folder. 


It is a program that was discontinued.


You really should not need to use MapsetToolkit. It's a program for people who make maps. Almost all the maps here include an installer, just double-click the installer and the map should be installed in Basecamp automatically.

Also note that Garmin .img files are NOT "disk images". Garmin uses the .img extension for their own purposes but that same extension is also used for disk images. But the two are completely different things. Windows may claim they are "disk images", but that is bogus.

You don't say which map you are trying to install, but look at its download page. For example:

Notice the "installer" icon. That means you simply need to run the installer. See this tutorial: