BaseCamp showing horizontal lines instead of shading - bug?

Started by wild.coast, May 10, 2022, 09:25:44 PM

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I installed one of the maps but BaseCamp is showing these random straight horizontal lines...

Any idea how to fix this?


For some reason I'm unable to attach a photo today....anyway

It look like the map is missing a typ file.  I can see shading coming through.  I removed temporarily the typ from my map and it looked close to what you are showing.  Those lines look to areas where a First Nation, Forest and other public lands should be displayed.  Who did you get this map from and how did you install it?  Most if not all of the current map makers include a typ as the maps looks better than a "generic" look.  Look around in the folder that you download and see if you find a typ file (it will be 10-100kb most likely).  There are a couple free tools that can install the typ properly.