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Problem loading file on Garmin Oregon 450

Started by ExploreNature, July 22, 2022, 07:08:12 AM

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Hi, my first post ever on your site.  Just joined.  I'm looking for free topo maps for kayaking.  I have an old Orgeon 450 I haven't used in years.
I downloaded the topo map of interest BUT....
When I connect my 450 to the PC, and open Garmin Basecamp which I just downloaded, I follow the instructions and run into a wall. 

I select Internal Storage, right click and select "Install map on Oregon 450", garmin Map Install opens automatically, it has already identified the Oregon as the device, it says "No unlocked maps were found for this device.", but "Continue" which is the next step is greyed out and if I click it, nothing happens.

Any ideas?  Thanks a lot for any help.


You could try Mapsource, Garmin's older software. It was discontinued long ago but still available. Since you already have Basecamp, it should be easy - Mapsource should see the map that you have already installed. See this

And this


whats the name of the map already downloaded? is now installed on your computer? basecamp/mapsource shows you the map?  somtimes you will need an unlock code tied for your gps id. mapinstall recognize if your gps  could be loaded with maps installed on your computer if you previously unlock them for your gps id or the map is unlocked for all gps.
if the map is locked, you ll not be able to transfer to your gps unit. mapinstall cant find devices to transfer the maps.