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Garmin Inreach Explorer

Started by jolly47roger, April 24, 2022, 08:29:32 AM

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The Inreach manual suggests the standard Garmin Topo maps are not compatible with the Inreach Explorer.

Is that true - and is there a way to make maps for it?


Have you seen this?
Pre-loaded data
When purchased in North America, the Explorer+ is preloaded with the following maps:

Topo 24K for the US and Canada (Made by DeLorme)
Topo 125K for Mexico (Made by DeLorme)
World Wide BaseMap (Made by DeLorme)
These maps have not been updated since the 2017 product release, and they will not be updated by Garmin.

Downloadable data
The Earthmate has 2 GB of internal storage for additional data.

The following maps can be added to the device:
OpenStreetMaps, which covers the world and offers road detail, and light topographic detail. Sometimes they include trails. These maps are just like Garmin?s Cycling maps, and receive updates.


Assuming they use DeLorme's vector-format, that is an option under Export > Vector in GlobalMapper, although I have never used it. From the GlobalMapper help file:

DeLorme Text File
The Export DeLorme Text File command allows the user to export any loaded vector features to one of 3 text formats that can be loaded into select DeLorme mapping products.

When selected, the command displays the DeLorme Text Polygon Export Options dialog which consists of an Export Bounds panel that allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded vector data they wish to export.