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Mapwel Update

Started by Lucky Dog, December 03, 2021, 06:52:32 AM

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Lucky Dog

Some of you me remember that I've been looking for a way to create my own maps to install on my GPS.

Mapwel was suggested, but when I went to the site, it looked like they were no longer in business. I tried their demo, and liked what it could do. So I finally thought I'd try to purchase a license. After all it was only 45 bucks. Low and behold, the purchase process worked and I received my license code.

I don't know what the overall status of the software is, but at least I can generate maps now.

Now prepare yourself for some Mapwel questions. :)


Cool!  8) I was impressed with what I saw of Mapwel and purchased a license myself. But that was somewhere around 2008 and I haven't touched it for over 10 years. In fact, I no longer make Garmin maps at all.

Enjoy your map making adventure. Wish I could be more positive, but I'd be very surprised if you find anyone else around here who uses Mapwel.