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CA-CentralProvTopo Map on Montana

Started by Angus0914, October 12, 2021, 11:07:29 AM

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Ok the Montana 680 I have is not showing in the map I moved to the Garmin folder of the GPS.  I downloaded the map and unzipped it and saved to my computer.  It is now an .img file.  I moved it from the computer to the Garmin folder in the GPS.  There are other .img files where I put this one.  I go to the maps screen and there is nothing in there that says CA-Central.  The instructions on the map down load screen says I should just be able to move the windows version of the .img file to my GPS.  I must be missing something.  Thanks


It should work...  The first question are you transferring the.img to the GPS internal or to an SD card, formated in fat32?   What are the other maps or .img files are you seeing and what do you see on the maps screen?  What size is the Central Prov Topo showing on your computer?  I have a couple ideas on what may be happening, I or others just need a bit more info to move forward.

I can explain what I do and you can say if you did the same or not:  I use Windows and when I plug the usb in using the Garmin cable I soon see two "disks" related to Garmin.  One is for the device and the other is for map storage.  The may have names similar to Internal and Memory Card.  I open the memory card one and there should be a folder named Garmin, it is within this folder that I copy any .img.  After the copy is complete I verify size, unplug the usb and power cycle the gps.  After it powers back up I should have the map available to enable or disable.

Be looking for a response later.


Ok so I did not format the 32Gb I installed.  Thought I read somewhere I didn't have to.  I have formatted now as FAT32 with a windows computer and have installed in the GPS.  I named the SD card Derek.  After plugging in the GPS to computer the GPS comes up as Montana F: and the internal storage comes up as Derek G:  There is no folders under G.  There is still a Garmin folder under F.  The CA-Central file is under the internal G in the Garmin folder.

The other .img files in the internal storage are gmapbmap 47,624Kb and gmaptz 572Kb
The CA-Central file is 1,333,568Kb that is in the internal storage.  The file on the computer is the same size.


Ok I think is see whats happening.  In the G disk you named Derek which is the SD card  you formatted to fat 32, create a folder and name it Garmin (as I spelled it) copy your .img file to that folder, power cycle gps and CA-Central... should be their.  I'm not a home now so I'd need to look at one of my gps's but I think there is a setting for internal/external maps.  Give this a try, I'll also look later at the settings on my unit(s) and post back.

It is considered a better practice to put your maps on the sd card as I've seen stories here and elsewhere about people borking, mucking and bricking their units when they accidentally delete stuff they shouldn't have in the internal memory


Quote from: sockmonkey on October 12, 2021, 03:37:33 PMI'm not a home now so I'd need to look at one of my gps's but I think there is a setting for internal/external maps.

I never saw a Garmin GPS with such a setting. Just create a Garmin folder on the SD card and put the map inside. The GPS should automatically look for maps in both folders. I also don't think the folder name is case-sensitive, pretty sure that "GARMIN", "Garmin" and "garmin" would all be recognized as map folders by the GPS.

A number of years ago, there were issues with map names that had non-alphabetic characters in them. I recall it in relation to "custom maps" (kmz files) specifically, and the dash character was one of the problems, so a name like CA-Central would not have worked. Most likely, that bug has been fixed, but if nothing else works, try re-naming the map file with only letters.


Hmmm I did not find the setting for internal or external maps.  I did make the folder change on the SD card.  I also have renamed the map to Ontariomap but still nothing of that name comes up.  I'm looking in the map tab it brings up a blank screen now because I have all the other maps disabled.  I hit the 3 bars that brings up the map menu then hit map information select map.  When it hit that brings up the maps Worldwide DEM, CA Brampton, BirdsEye and few more.  Like I said I have disabled all of those maps.  Am I maybe looking in the wrong spot?  Should I default the GPS and start over?  I must be doing something wrong its a brand new GPS.  Thanks for all the help so far.


I was thinking something else in regards to the internal/external...

Lets try something else.  If you don't already, install Garmin Basecamp.  If you have a mac you need Basecamp and I believe map install as well, a seperate download.  Now download the "Mac" version of CA-CentralProvTopo.  Unzip and you should be left with a folder ending in .gmapi  If you have windows click to open that folder,  keep opening until you see several files and folders including product1 and a couple of others.  Back up one level and you should see CA-CentralProvTopo.gmap (no i) folder.  Copy this folder to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps  you might need to unhide and create those folders, as they are spelled.  If it is a mac, word on the street is that after unzipping you will be left with an icon, if basecamp and mapinstall are installed correctly, click that an it should install the map.  Regardless if it is mac or win when you open basecamp you should see  CA-CentralProvTopo in the maps drop down menu, now click it and let the tiles load. 

At this point plug in your Montana.  Give it a minute, then towards the bottom of the map menu you should see install maps, open that and your gps should show, highlight your map, click continue, select as few or as many tiles as you'd line and follow the prompts to send the map to your gps if everything is going right it may take 5-10 minutes to install the map.  After it is done, power cycle gps, enable CA-Prov and hopefully open on your gps.

There are other threads on here, old and more recent with the same issue you are having, heck I had it before.  There are similar and unique reasons for problems, but we will figure it out.  Having a gps and getting maps to it requires some patience.

Report back with a progress report




Just an idea ....

Each map has a 'family number' and if you have two different maps with the same family number I think one can mask the other.
One of the JaVaWa tools (Device Manager?) might help to diagnose what you have..


There's also a limit to the total number of map segments that your GPS can access. When you exceed that limit, some maps (or parts of maps) just won't show up. This is completely unrelated to the size of the files or capacity of your memory card. IIRC, the limit is 4000 segments on the Montana.

I believe that Javawa Device Manager can show you the total number of segments. It's the total number that matters, doesn't matter whether the maps are in internal memory or a card, it's the total of all maps on both. If you have a lot of maps on the GPS, try removing some.


I checked a couple of things earlier.  While we need to look at all possibilities I think it may be something else, the Family ID is not shared with any "official" Garmin made map and the tile segments are 741 for the map in question.  Our friend says this is a new gps and it sounds like no other maps are on it except those that come with the unit.  We can let Angus0914 tell us for sure when they post again but they may be new to the gpsing not just a new device.  If one looks around here or any other site that deals with maps and gps, getting maps to the device has always been an issue and probably always will, with us helping navigate to a solution.   


Yes it is a brand new GPS it does have some waypoints and a few tracks on it but not other maps other than what came on it.  I'm not sure I follow what you were talking about with the MAC version of the map?  I'm using a windows 10 computer and I do have basecamp I think the lastest version and also mapinstall. 


If it is any help I have an Garmin 60CSx with the Ibycus Canada Topo on it that I loaded years ago.  If I can get that map on the new Montana I would be happy with that.  I did sort of try this by copying the gmapsupp file that is a disk image file to a folder on the computer I'm using.  Not sure how to get that file onto the Montana or if it would just work like that.


When I decided to offer maps I initially just had the maps maps in gmapi format, I soon decided to offer the img format as well.  Here and elsewhere some offered one or the other or both.  I opted for both to give the uses the most options with the least effort.  The gmapi/gmap is the "new" format and can be used in both mac and windows basecamp and the old mapsource as well on windows.  On the map download page the windows version = device and the mac version = windows and mac basecamp.  The good thing about basecamp you can select all or a smaller area to install to your gps.

As far as the Ibycus, this where we were before:
Disk formated in fat32 - check
Folder named Garmin (a must)
.img files in the garmin folder, on older devices they are limited to one map no large the 4 gb and must be named gmapsupp newer device can use names like CA-CentralProvTopo so... copy the the Ibycus gmapsupp.img file to your SD card in the folder named Garmin, powercycle, enable, done.  If this isn't working something else is going on.


Hmmmm well I got the Ibycus map working on the Montana.  I reformated the SD card while it was in the GPS and put the folder Garmin on it.  I then copyied the CA-Central map in the folder and it did not work.  I deleted the CA-Central map and copied the gmapsupp (Ibycus) in the folder.  The map just show up on the main screen?  It is not in the map menu or anything like I can't enable or disable cause it is not in the map menu.  I'm good with that as that is all I wanted for now.  Thanks for all the help.  Just in time for hunting season hopefully put the GPS to good use.  Thanks again everyone.