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Trying to find map to download with NJ park trails on

Started by Howie38, October 10, 2021, 09:11:38 AM

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Especially Burlington & Mercer counties.
I have the City Navigator N. A. NT 2018.2 on my PC "Basecamp" and it shows all the county park foot trails, but it won't let me download the map to my Garmin handhelds. Something about it being locked & requiring a key.
Is there a way to unlock it, or do I have to purchase a key from Garmin? Or can I find another map download somewhere else that has the trails already on it?
I would have thought that the counties would have a GPS download.


City Navigator is copy protected and must be purchased for each device. Any discussion of ways to circumvent copy protection is not allowed on this site.

Garmin sells the map as a download, but you must connect the desired GPS during the download process and it will then be permanently locked to only that device. So, if your GPS breaks or is lost then you're just out of luck. They also sell City Navigator pre-installed on memory cards. These cards can be used on any GPS, however, only one at a time. The cards are copy protected and cannot be duplicated.

I had a detailed map of NJ available here in the past, but I no longer make maps for Garmin devices. However, all my maps can be used on your phone with my free mobile web app. Here's one example that covers everything South of I-195, but there are many other maps available in the app.

A big update is coming for my web app in a few weeks, with lots of new features and full compatibility for desktop computers as well as phones.

For your GPS, you could look at the NJGIN trail map which was one of the data sources for my map. It can be downloaded as a KML file which I *think* Basecamp can import and export back out as a GPX file for your Garmin handheld (I haven't ever tried however). If not, then Google Earth should be able to open it and export as a GPX file.

Of course, that would just appear as a "track" on the GPS, and you would need another map to use as background.


Thanks, but that's all that comes up is the tracks. I'm looking for the trails so I don't need those little trail maps that are always missing. I don't mind wondering around for a while myself, but my wife has a hard time with her arthritic knees and can do only short 'therapy' hikes. Sometimes she needs a quick exit back to the car.


If you have a smartphone, use my web app (screenshot below). It has most of the trails and works just like a gps.

I've lived in Southern NJ for about 30 years and have offered free maps of the region since 2008. My maps are the result of considerable research and include lots of features you won't find anywhere else.


Boyds maps are a good solution. But if you really need Garmin then this may have the trails you want.

It's in the newer GMAP format - copy the unzipped GMAP folder to c:\programdata\garmin\maps