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Adding Maps to Etrex Legend HC

Started by adamsw3, January 18, 2022, 04:46:45 AM

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I have a etrex legend hc and I want to add free maps to it. I am not sure what is the best way. Either using the Hiking Guy tutorial and loading maps directly to the unit or adding them to the SD card. I suspect the SD card is the way to go since I want to add all US topo maps.

Can someone tell me where to get free US topos for my etrex and how to load onto the SD card.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


Choose your map here and download it

Follow this tutorial to install it on your computer in Basecamp

Use this tutorial to send the map to your GPS

It makes no difference whether you install on the device itself or on a card, however you will have more room for installation on a card.

It is not possible to add "all US topo maps" to your GPS because of the limitations of your eTrex. Older devices like yours are, in fact, very limited and it makes no difference how large a memory card you use. Maps are divided into small "segments" which are sometimes called "tiles". IIRC, an old device like your can only accept about 2000 of these tiles. This will limit you to one or two states.

If you really need full US coverage, you could purchase Garmin's US Topo 100k. It was made in a special way that allows you to load the whole US.