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Utah topos

Started by raferguson, October 05, 2021, 09:48:59 AM

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I downloaded the Utah topo 2011 from the site, and found that it has detailed topo maps for some parts of Utah, but not of others.   I have a trip coming up to NE Utah, specifically south of Vernal, and as far as I can see it has no info for that area.  As I zoom in, I get nothing but the general US basemap.

I do not want to spend $99 for a Utah map, but maybe that is what I need to do.  Ideas?



There are quite a few Utah topo maps on the site, have you looked at all of them?

My web app has a number of maps of that area, including OpenTopoMap, topo's, LIDAR imagery and aerials from the USGS plus street maps and aerials from HERE. Like all my maps, it's free with no ads and no registration. It does require an internet connection however.


Thanks for the tip. I was able to load the Desert southwest map to my windows computer, and it does cover the area of interest.   

For some reason, I had trouble downloading the map to my memory card for my etrex20, but the second time around it worked.  It asked me to choose which rectangles I wanted to download.  On my etrex it is easy to see where the rectangles end, as the detailed topo data disappears.



You - or anyone else - might like to try this one (in the modern GMAP format).

Made from recent USGS and USFS data with some items from Open Street Map. Also the Bing buildings data.