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How to install a GPSFileDepot file?

Started by coffent, July 11, 2021, 02:23:21 PM

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I'm trying to use MapSetToolkit to install the "My Trails" file.  I used the setup wizard but it did not install the file.  I'm now using the tutorial for "Map has a .tbd file" and have filled in all the information under "Install a existing Mapset" (see attachment).  However when I click "Install", I get the message "Family ID exist" (which is quite possible).  While the window shows the Family ID (as 25) I'm unable to change it to something else.  How can I do that? 

Also, a point of confusion: the tutorial says "The Map Has a .tdb File:  Follow this part of the tutorial if the map you downloaded has a .tdb file and a .img file that doesn't have a name containing only numbers."  In the present case, the mapset has a .tdb file, and it has both a .img file that does not have a name containing only numbers (My Trails.img) and one that does (00001262.img) .  Am I using the correct tutorial?

Thanks for any help!


Quote from: coffent on July 11, 2021, 02:23:21 PMAm I using the correct tutorial?

I doubt it. MapSetToolkit is software primarily for people who MAKE maps, it is almost never required to install maps that you download from this site. This is a common source of confusion. MyTrails contains a custom installer, just run the installer and it should do everything automatically.

This is explained on the main page for MyTrails, did you read that?

"For the Windows installer, just run it.  That is all you need to do to get the map into MapSource and BaseCamp"


Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I did read the instructions on the main page, but when I ran the installer it appeared to me that it didn't install the map.  I uninstalled it, then re-downloaded it and once again ran the installer.  When I open BaseCamp, it does show "My Trails" as a map.  However, it's nothing like what I expected, and nothing like the example pictures shown on the main page.  The first screenshot below shows the area (Lassen National Park) using the Basecamp global map.  The second shows the same area using the "My Trails" map.  It doesn't seem to be a map at all, only a few trails (no contours or background).  What am I missing?


You're not missing anything! MyTrails isn't really a "map" it's an overlay that only has the features you see, so most of it is actually blank. The idea is that you enable this map at the same time as another map on your GPS. So MyTrails just adds the trails to that other map.

By itself, MyTrails is pretty useless, as you can see. Also note that you cannot enable two maps at the same time with Mapsource or Basecamp. But you can enable two maps at the same time on the GPS itself.

So you could download a topo map of the area you want and use it along with MyTrails on your GPS. Or you could use MyTrails with a Garmin product like City Navigator, US Topo 100k, etc.


Thanks - that makes sense.

Just for my own information, how does this differ from a "Route", which is also a connected series of points displayed on top of an underlying map?


The most obvious difference is the file format - .img files cannot contain routes, they are only for maps. Routes, tracks and waypoints are user data and that is treated completely differently on Garmin devices. They are not related to the maps at all, they appear on any map you choose or they can be used with no map at all. They are typically stored in .gpx files, which you can hand-edit in any text editor if you like.