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Oregon 600 Help

Started by M36, July 07, 2021, 06:23:17 PM

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Have the Oregon 600 and have been using Onx for AZ but it does not show any topo information. Might be wrong but I thought that was on Onx for the GPS.

I have downloaded the AZ and NM topo maps and neither one of them will show any topo information, just like Onx is doing. When I get either topo down to the 3 mile level the map is just one color without any detail.

I used the latest version of Base Camp and it installed with Mapsource.

I deleted three Birdseye maps that were all showing a Birdseye of something in Europe. I called Garmin for help and they told me that deleting those would not cause any problems.

Hope I've given enough info. Any idea what I am doing wrong?



What do you see when you zoom into .2 miles? In my experience, it would not be unusual for a map to show very little detail when you zoom out to 3 miles. This would be a choice of the mapmaker, they can choose what details are shown at different zoom levels.

No familiar with Onx, isn't that a commercial product? If so, contact them for help.


Tried to add two pictures but must have done something wrong. Above .2 miles the land is tan with a few details and green circles, and below that the screen is a different color with no details and just shows city names.

The topops were downloaded from here.


The Oregon device may have a 'Map detail level' control that could make a difference to what is displayed.


Yes, look for the detail menu in the settings. However, setting it to auto is normally what you would want. Also look at what profile you are using, have not used an Oregon 600 but IIRC the one you want is something like "recreational".

Are you sure you have the map enabled in the settings? Hard to understand what you are seeing, but if you don't have the map enabled you might just be seeing the basemap, which has almost no detail.

Do Basecamp and Mapsource show the map(s) correctly?


I found out that profiles was set to "recreational". When I changed it to "classic" the Onx map on the SD card worked as it should, showing the topo lines that it says it is supposed to show. Its an after market mapping/land owner boundary program.

The AZ and NM topo maps I downloaded show that elevation lines and some more info, but the screen color is tan and never changes any other color like the picture in the download section where I got the AZ topo map from. There doesn't seem to be as much detail as what is in the picture in the file download page.

And the maps were activated.

I'm getting there. If I can just figure out coloring in the AZ and NM maps this should be good.

So I just figured out that when I turn on the AZ topo and the Onx which is on it's own SD card, Onx shows more topo detail than how it is with AZ topo turned off. I think I will just leave it this way and see how it is for awhile since I'm getting the best of both worlds right now. 


You should only enable one map at a time, unless they are specifically designed to work together (such as an overlay).


I have been playing with this for quite awhile this afternoon and I followed the advice and turned on one map at a time. AZ & the NM topo map seems to come to life at the .5 elevation on the GPS. It is showing the elevations and elevation lines. Names are showing up also. Green seems to be the color of the maps for the forest but the rest of the non forest areas are a tan color. Onx works on its own and it comes to life at .5 also with everything that it should be showing.

Im guessing that switching modes to classic from recreational did the trick along with one map at a time. The other map that I had on and turned off was Worldwide DEM Basemap. Not sure what this does but it's off and it all seems to work. If it's missing something still I have no idea.

Thanks for the help!!! Made a donation to the site in appreciation of the help and files.



Sounds about right. You could check the detail settings discussed above though, just in case. They should let you choose what zoom levels different map features appear at.

The Worldwide DEM Basemap is a very crude map that is included with the gps. You can either leave that on or turn it off, it won't affect anything else.