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Downloading Map onto Mac

Started by JoshuaB, April 24, 2021, 10:58:04 AM

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I have downloaded multiple maps onto my Mac from various locations, but this time I can't get a map to work. I download the file for Mac, and then I have the option to open with Garmin MapManager. I click to open with MapManager and a popup is shown that gives me the choice to install, but there is no map listed, it is just a white box. When I hit install, it immediately says it was successful but the map I want to install does not show up anywhere, because I don't think anything has actually happened. Does anyone have any remedies for this?


Could just be a problem with your specific map. In my experience, most of the mapmakers on this site don't have Macs and have not tested their Mac versions. Try another map or two and see if they work. If so, you could try to contact the author of the map that doesn't work. You could also try downloading again, corrupted downloads are not unheard of here.

I have used Macs since 1985 and it's my only computer today - I run Windows in a virtual machine for mapmaking. If none of the maps here work for some reason, you could try the Mac version my NJ map as a test, I know it works properly. If that doesn't work either, the first thing I'd do is re-install the full Basecamp package directly from Garmin's site.


I've got a customer that's experiencing the same problem.  I haven't updated the map in two months and I know that it's worked for other Mac users. 

The installed version of of MapManager says 3.1.3 while Garmin's website says the current version is 4.3.5.  He tried reinstalling and it still shows 3.1.3.  The change history on Garmin's website doesn't even list 3.1.3.


I also have MapManager 3.1.3. I tried installing my own map, as posted above, and did notice that the box showing the map name was blank which confused me. However, the map was really there and was sucessfully installed. So, I assumed there was just some bug in the way MapManager was displaying things.

Just did another test. Started by uninstalliing the same map. That caused MapManager to crash, but it worked. Got the same thing (see screenshot) when I re-installed the map. However, the map was actually installed and it works fine in Basecamp. There are obviously some serious bugs in MapManager that will cause confusion. But the function seems to be OK.

Anyway - for the OP - I think MapManager actually works but the blank dialog box would surely confuse most people. Most likely, they are not inside the coverage area of the map if it doesn't show in Basecamp. Are you sure that it doesn't show in the Maps menu? Of course, the other possibility is just that there's a problem with the map they are trying to install.

Note our two screenshots - in mine, the install button is blue. In yours it isn't. That will happen if you click in the box outside of the "invisible" map name. So just click the blue button when the box first opens, even though it is blank.


It worked exactly as you describe. The text in the box is either missing or displayed in white.

Thanks for your time.


Cool.  8) Garmin's software for the Mac leaves a lot to be desired, Basecamp has an old, clunky feel compared to most other Mac software that I use. It either freezes or crashes most of the time when I try to export waypoints from one of my large legacy collections.

But we need to remember, Basecamp/MapInstall/MapManager are all de-facto EOL, Garmin has admitted this in the past. At least they did the minimum and made it 64-bit compatible, but I doubt we will see any further revision. They are moving towards a web portal for everything. I don't believe they have any interest in third party maps anymore (if they ever did). So we should probably be thankful that it's possible to use them at all.  ;)


May I know this app is only for Mac users? I mean can it be used on Windows 10?


Hi there

I was wondering how the horizontal map scale works.

I was wondering this because Im having to guess the scaling on maps to see the most realistic way of presenting it in the 3-D view without it looking too flat and pointed.