Having troubles getting started with basecamp and CA-CentralProvTopo.gmapi

Started by LostNeedToBeFound, June 22, 2021, 06:37:34 PM

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So, I'm a newbe.....and apparently new to following instructions.

I've downloaded Basecamp for Mac and downloaded CA-CentralProvTopo.gmapi (Central Ontario)

When I open the directory I see the attached directory structure.

The instructions "How To Load .img Files Into MapSource or BaseCamp With MapSetToolkit" says if I don't have a .TDB file, then MapSetToolkit to load the .img file. I don't have either a .TBD or .IMG file, so that will not work.

I reviewed "How To Open Maps In Garmin BaseCamp". The first part (Seeing If The Map Is Loaded In BaseCamp) isn't applicable as I don't have an install program in the download. The second part (Opening "Normal" Maps In BaseCamp) doesn't seem to work either as I don't see the downloaded map in the drop down (see second image). I didn't really expect to see it there since there was no install option with the map, but though I would try.

So, can someone help me out as to what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks for any assistance!


First: forget Mapsettoolkit, it's an old PC-only program that is not relevant to the Mac. Maps for the Macintosh are stored in a completely different format.

If you are seeing a folder on your Mac, that means you have not properly installed Basecamp/MapInstall/Mapmanager. When they are properly installed, it will appear to be a file instead of a folder and double-clicking it will launch MapManager.

Re-install Basecamp from Garmin's site, that should fix the problem.


Thanks Boyd. Downloading basecamp from the link you gave me (the Garmin site) worked. I had originally installed it from the App Store. Once I installed it, the download files/folders became a file as you mentioned. Once I double clicked on it, it installed and I was able to see the map in basecamp.
Thanks again.