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lLoading Garmin custom maps to eTrex Vista HCx

Started by mark27, March 30, 2021, 05:04:13 PM

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I am in Melbourne Australia
I loaded the 4 available Garmin custom maps from GPS file depot to Basecamp no problems.
I am now trying to load GarmIn custom maps via Basecamp to my GPS
Every time I tried I would get a message saying " Garmin eTrex Vista HCx Does not support Garmin custom maps"?
I put my micro SD card into a USB stick and it had downloaded via my GPS no problem. But I am unable to see it in my GPS? Neither does it show up in internal storage when I connect my GPS to Basecamp (only in the USB hen I connect it to Basecamp),
This is my first Garmin and hand held GPS,
Any advice would be appreciate


The message means exactly what it says. The eTrex Vista is a very old GPS that was introduced before Garmin developed their "custom map" format.  Just to be clear, I assume you are trying to use the maps on this page

If so, I'm afraid the message is correct. None of those maps are compatible with your GPS.



One of my GPS unit is also the HCx Vista!  Mine still works great.  You didn't say exactly what kind of map you are looking for but you might take a look here:

Some maps require donation/registration others request a donation.  Down towards the bottom of the page are the links for several versions the guy offers for Australia.  If you choose the GPS version, after extracting you may need to rename the .img file to gmapsupp.img as this is the only name our model will take.  Also the sd card must be 4>gb or at least formated for no more that 4>gb fat32 (larger cards work but excess space must be unused)

Prior to making my own maps I tested these guy maps, on basecamp, gps and orux they worked on all of them.  These maps are quite "loaded" fyi as most every poi etc is included.

Australia is kinda under represented but start here.  It will get a map on your unit and give you time to seek out other possibilities if needed.