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How to download maps from ARCGIS?

Started by gasgas, March 21, 2021, 12:59:47 PM

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I found this nice map that shows 'labeled' FS roads and trails on the ARCGIS site.

Is there a way I can download It? I opened a 'Public Account' with  ARC GIS but no luck.

They call this the MVUM_02. Can't seem to find the MVUM_02 file any place else.
The only difference between MVUM_01 and MVUM_02 is that MVUM_02 has labels for Trails and Roads
Motor Vehicle Use Map: Roads and Trails (With Labels)  [Map Image Layer] Map Image Layer by U.S. Forest ServiceUpdated: January 11, 2019

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If you go to the link in my Avenza post, the shapefiles there include MVUM details as well as USFS Roads and trails.


Thanks jolly47roger;

So ,what software do you use to open up and process these Shape files?

I'm new to map making.

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There are a variety of ways, many of them involve using cgpsmapper software which has been discontinued. It is still available at and you can read the mapmaking tutorials on this site

Or you could look at Mapwel which is more user-friendly and does not require any other software to create the map. It is not free however.


Thanks for the links Boyd.

Nice job on the mobile app!  :)

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