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Problem with US-WestTopo map installation

Started by dmedvedev, December 02, 2020, 12:44:07 PM

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I have a problem with the new US-WestTopo map installation. I am running Windows 10. I used MapsetToolkit to install the map on my computer, following the instructions in the gpsfiledepot tutorial. The installation seems to be successful, MapsetToolkit finishes its work with "Convert completed" message, and I can see the map files in the folder I chose for the installation. The folder is Desktop/gpsmaps. MapsetToolkit shows the map installed, shows the registry entry, and JaVaWa GMTK does not find a problem with this map. However, when I try to start BaseCamp or MapSource, the following error message appears: "There is a problem with the USWestTopo installation. Please reinstall USWestTopo and start BaseCamp again", and the same message in MapSource, too. I have to uninstall the map to just start BaseCamp. I wonder if anyone knows what the problem is.



You shouldn't have to "install" in the normal way and I developed these maps to not have to install.

I'm not sure which version you downloaded, but the "Windows" version is an ".img" and is intended to be directly install to the gps device.  Using gmap tool, it can be unpacked or "split".  In that folder along with the map/image files there is and "install.bat" this may work or it might not.  In my testing about half the time the tool threw errors, and for those unfamiliar with gmaptool and maps kludging through the options and settings was not a good recommended way for and easy install of my maps.  This is a great tool but it is part of a mappers toolkit.

With Windows 10 you should have downloaded the "Mac" version, I had a quick blurb in the map descriptions but can list and eleaborate it here as well

1)  Download Mac version of US-WestTopo to location of your choice.

2)  Unpack .zip file (I use 7zip) others will work as well.

3)  You should now have a folder that is mapname.gmapi, you are not done yet..

4)  You need to open that folder and should now have a folder that is that is mapname.gmap  if it still ends end gmapi open one more time, it must end in gmap, no little i!

5)  Open windows explorer, open local drive usually C, you should see a folder that is named Program Data if not you need to go to folder options and enable show hidden folders.

6)Now that Program Data is visible open it, during install of Basecamp it creates a folder called Garmin and within is a folder called Maps

7) That map you unzipped and opened until (but no further) it ends in .gmap copy that folder to the C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps folder.  Open Basecamp and map should be available now to view

So, Dmitry, start over and follow these instructions.  With a little practice the whole process takes a few minutes after downloading to be viewing the map   This works 100% of the time and this is how I load my maps on my non map making windows computers.    There is some other info on GPSFilesDepot about gmapi format but try this first and post again if it doesn't work and I and/or others will try to help...or post if successful.



If you want to preserve space on your system disk, copying a shortcut to the .gmap folder instead of the folder itself works well for me.