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North Carolina Topo not opening Installer

Started by GLN, September 29, 2020, 02:29:12 PM

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Trying to download and install North Carolina topo on PC Windows 10 but regular installer with map won't open.  A wizard opens (not the regular map installer) but after "installing" with the wizard, the map does not show up on Base Camp.  On the other hand, the Florida Topo does open the usual installer and does show up on Base Camp.  Having same problem with Tennessee.  Any suggestions.  Thanks


The installer is a part of each individual map and different mapmakers may use different installers. I used a custom installer for my own maps, there's an old thread about this.

GPSFileDepot had a template that could be used for installers, but it was created for 32-bit Windows systems and broke on 64-bit Windows (was missing a needed registry key). Every map created with that old installer had problems on Win 64, although it only happened if that was the first map you installed on your computer. It's possible this could be the problem if the map is old. Quite a lot of the old maps have this problem.

If some other program automatically runs when you try to install a map, that might be a cause for concern.