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Polygon Appearing Issues

Started by dleblanc2546, September 10, 2020, 12:38:42 PM

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Hi all,

I've been working on trying to compile my map data to show a difference in boundary data between two different polygon types.  I got the original layer I've used for years to work but the new layer won't show at all after exporting and compiling it.

Right now I'm doing most of my map recording and any data manipulation with ArcMap 10.3 then I export .shp files and import them into GPSMapEdit which I use to verify connectivity for routing before I compile it with cgpsMapper and export the final image to use on my Garmin 750 series.

I have a couple different private properties for hunting, hiking, etc., that I have recorded with permission from the owner but I'm trying to get the polygons to show up in different colors.  But the only one I have any luck with is green but all the areas still show up in the same shade on my Garmin display.  So any shade of green I use in GPSMapEdit shows up in the same shade on my Garmin but none of the other polygon colors show up at all, not even faintly.

Thanks in advance.