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US OSM Topo Routable Problem


downloaded USA_OSM_Topo_v32.7z
trying to extract with 7-zip  and get "unexpected end of data" error
any ideas?
Bob K

I believe that is one of Popej's maps. You could try the version on his own website and see if it's better. Did you follow his instructions there?

He used to stop by here every now and then but hasn't been seen for awhile. You could try using the contact form on his website.

thanks for the reply
that is where I downloaded the file
I'll see if I can contact him

Hi Bob,

you need to download 5 files to get whole USA. They are named:
USA_OSM_Topo_v32.7z.001 ... USA_OSM_Topo_v32.7z.005

When you get all 5 in the same folder, then execute 7-zip to extract.


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