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echomap 74dv

Started by billy56, July 06, 2020, 05:36:34 PM

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I recently updated my Garmin echomap 74dv. Now I can't get my Florida topo maps back.. I'm not real good with electronics anyway.

I use the Garmin Homeport program for my maps

Thanks for your help.


What maps did you have? Did you get them from GPSFileDepot? How did you install them before? Were they installed on a memory card?


I have the maps that I bought from somewhere. The file name is "123-9888-fltopo_gmap_install"

I don't remember how I installed them. I have used homeport for marking waypoints etc.

I'm sorry if that doesn't help


Apparently you are using a Macintosh (it would really help if you could provide more info). That is this map

It should still be installed on your computer, unless you intentionally deleted it. Sorry, no familiarity at all with the echomap. Are you sure the map isn't there anymore? It may just be disabled. Look for a menu with a name like "map setup" and see what maps are listed.

Have not used Homeport. But if the map is really no longer on the GPS, then you can probably send it again using MapInstall. See this tutorial, however I believe it is old and there have been some changes to MapInstall.


I am using a PC. If I know what kind of information you needed I may be able to tell you.

I have the map you referenced on my computer but don't know how to get it to my gps.

I can see the map in Homeport but for some reason I can't transfer it to my Echomap 74dv

I don't think that I can use Mapinstall because I do NOT have a hard connection to my gps I have to transfer maps by a memory card.


OK, it doesn't really matter if you have a Mac or PC. You can use the Windows version of MapInstall, which is also covered in the link I posted. And you do not need to connect directly to the GPS. If you PC has a memory card slot, put the card there. You might need an adapter if the device uses a micro card and you have a full size slot on the computer. If your computer doesn't have a card slot, you can get a USB card reader. Then just follow the same instructions for installing the map on the card and put the card in the GPS when you are done.

CAVEAT - since I don't know anything about that GPS and don't understand why the map stopped working, it's possible that you could mess something up by installing a map this way.

It may be possible to do this with Homeport but I have never used it and am just not willing to spend the time to figure that out. Sorry. I doubt you will find any Homeport users on this site, maybe another boating site would have somebody who could help? You figured out how to do it before, seems like you could solve it again with a little effort.


The map was cleared from the GPS when I updated to the most recent Garmin software, that is what I meant when I said, "I recently updated my Garmin Echomap 74dv."