Is the Drivesmart 65 and 55 that same Hardware other than screen?

Started by GoGoGarmin, July 05, 2020, 04:38:26 AM

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I just picked up a DS65 and I love it!!! Coming from a 12 year old Nuvi.
I am wondering if there is any difference hardware wise between the 55 and 65?
The screen is huge in the 65! I fear I won't get used to it. But I don't want to lose out on how fast the menus and features of the big 65.


Don't know anything about the 55, but am pretty sure the DriveSmart 65 is just a DriveSmart 61 with different software. Regardless, I'm sure any of the current models will be much faster than a 12 year old Nuvi.

But I really think you are on the wrong site to discuss automotive devices, these forums exist primarily to support the free gpsfiledepot maps, and most people are using these on Garmin handheld devices.

This site is more centered on automotive devices but it's rather slow now, dedicated GPS devices are a dying product category and people just aren't very interested anymore. There are some members with DriveSmart 55's though.

Personally, I have a DriveSmart 61 and now use a DriveTrack 71. They are both the exact same hardware, but the 71 also includes a pre-loaded topo map and one-year subsciption to Birdseye Satellite Imagery. Love the big screen! :)