Google Earth Pro version 7.3.3 breaks link from Garmin MapSource

Started by sreynolds, June 10, 2020, 09:34:17 AM

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I use MapSource to view GPS topo maps, and use the View option 'View in Google Earth'.  That stopped working with GE Pro version 7.3.3, giving an error in MapSource indicating that GE was not installed, when in fact it is.  I can downgrade GE to 7.3.2 to get the link working again, but GE automatically updates, breaking the link.  What alternative GPS mapping programs are out there that link to GE and have functionality equivalent to MapSource?


I would say the most important thing about Mapsource is that it allows you to view Garmin-format maps that you have installed on your computer. Garmin Basecamp is the only other program that can do that. It was intended to be a replacement for Mapsource. But now, Garmin has also ceased development on Basecamp and is starting a transition to a web/cloud based platform. But Garmin still supports Basecamp, since the new platform only works with a few newer devices.

Anyway, IIRC Basecamp may also have a problem with Google Earth Pro, don't know because I really don't use either of these. However, visit the geocaching GPS forums and do a search there, because I recall some lengthy thread(s) discussing how to get Google Earth working again with both Mapsource and Basecamp.


I am still using Windows 7 Pro with Mapsource and Google Earth Pro and the only way I found to view Google Earth Pro through Mapsource was to disable the automatic updates with Google and go back to a previous version of Google Earth Pro that does work.


I thought it was not really possible to turn off auto updates. For example:


You can in Windows 7, I did.  You have to go into the registry and delete a file and change to manual updates.  Took me a while to get it figured out, but at least it allows me to continue to use Google Earth Pro, which I use all the time.  When I open Google Earth Pro it now tells me there is a new version and asks if I want to update, and of course I say no.

I did a lot of research on the web to see what had to be done to do it and found some old but useful information.  I can go back and look for it if you would like?


How to stop Google / Google Earth Pro from automatically updating in Windows 7.  I used Method 1 and then changed updates to "Manual" and downloaded and reinstalled a working version of Google Earth Pro, version (32 bit).

If you update or install anything new from Google you will need to do this all over again.  I was finding that Google would automatically update in about 7-8 minutes if I didn't get the googleupdate.exe file removed in time.

Remove GoogleUpdate.exe


Step 01. Go to Windows Start Menu > Run
Step 02. Type services.msc and click OK
Step 03. Find and Double Click on Google Update Service.
Step 04. Under the General tab, Change the Startup Type setting to Disabled.

Step 05. Now, Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler
Step 06. Find the Scheduler that has "Google Update" > Right Click on it and Disable or Delete it.
Step 07. Reboot your computer.

Step 01. Go to Windows Start Menu > Type regedit in the search field.
Step 03. Double Click the AutoUpdateCheckPeriodMinutes value in the right pane.
Step 04. Change the Value data to 0.
Step 05. Reboot your computer.


Very cool - thanks, I'm sure this will be helpful to the OP and others. Funny to see the lengths that people will go just to use old software like Mapsource, that Garmin discontinued so many years ago. But I do understand the appeal, I use Mapsource to test the Garmin maps that I make because it has so much less "baggage" than Basecamp. Mapsource starts up instantly since there is no database to load. But you have to wait when you open and close Basecamp. And when I'm testing a new map, I need to check it frequently as I make last-minute changes.

But you still need Basecamp if you want to use Birdseye imagery or Garmin Custom Maps (.kmz files).


Thank you to eaparks for the steps to disable Google Earth updates.  My machine is running Win 7 Pro 64 bit.  I followed Method 1.  There were 2 services to disable, one was Auto(delayed) start, and the other was Manual start.  Both ran the same .exe.  There were 4 scheduled tasks for Google update, I disabled all 4.  Did an uninstall of GE 7.3.3 and installed GE 7.3.2, and it has worked for at least the past 15 minutes.  Time will tell whether it sticks.  I will update my comments if I find GE still somehow goes to auto update - I tried another 'tested' method yesterday which did not work.

As for why someone would try to keep old software running - I run Win 7 - need I say more?  Mapsource has all the functionality I want, and the link to GE is/was perfect for my uses.  I do have Basecamp installed, but since I have all the maps I use on my PC I have no reason to plug my GPS into the PC, and I don't use/want Birdseye on my GPS.  Thank you people.