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Can't See The Trails on DriveSmart

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Hi Folks;

 I loaded 'Northwest Trails Map' on my old Nuvi 1490 and

it works great, but I loaded it on my new DriveSmart 71 and

only the background shows up with no trails visible .

 Is there something I can do to modify this trail map to run it

correctly on my DriveSmart?

I'm new at this.

   Thank You;
     Mike  :D

It should work.

Thanks Red90;

Are there any internal parameters in a DriveSmart that could be switched off that could be causing the problem?  The base map looks just fine,just no trails show up.
The developer did a super job on this map, but he is no longer active.

   Take Care;
    Mike :D

Not sure what a DriveSmart 71 is? I have a DriveSmart 61 and a DriveTrack 71. Anyway, I have also had problems with transparent overlays not showing on newer Garmin automotive units. Here's an old thread about a similar problem that was never resolved.

Thank You Boyd;

 My DriveSmart 71ex is just a 7 inch automotive Garmin.

I just loaded up :

''Utah ATV Trails 2016 ''

''Moab Trails 2014 Map''

Both transparent maps and they came in perfect on my DriveSmart.

When these 'map makers' make a Transparent Overlay,do they all use the same program ,or

are there different choices?

  Take Care;
    Mike :D


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