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Can I install the Garmin 100k TOPO to Etrex30 memory ??

Started by AfjalKhan, May 14, 2020, 03:24:07 AM

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I purchased an Etrex 30x bundle that came with the Garmin TOPO US 100K on a micro SD card.

I also bought a 32g micro SD card to store these files from GPSFileDepot.

I would like to use the Etrex 30x internal memory to store the TOPO 100k map,
and have the GPSFileDepot maps on the 32g SD card, so I don't have to switch
SD cards. Is that possible ?

Also, this is my first GPS  and would appreciate any tips or links that you would suggest.
Mainly planning to use this GPS for hiking, running, and geocaching. Any other free maps
besides GPSFileDepot


Nope, that is the problem with purchasing Garmin maps on memory cards. They use hardware copy protection such that they will only work on the original card. You will get an error message such as "can't unlock maps" if you move them to another card.

Also, be aware there's another limitation to Garmin maps that may interfere with your plans to load a lot of maps on one big memory card. Maps contain many small tiles called "segments". Your eTrex can only access 3000 segments.

This is completely unrelated to the size of the map files. There is no standard size for a segment, they could cover a whole state or only one county, it is up to the mapmaker. But it is likely you will reach the limit long before you fill a 32gb card.