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Garmin map frustration..

Started by Hendu3270, May 01, 2020, 07:44:35 PM

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I have a Garmin GPSMAP 78s. I purchased the Garmin classic e-card map for my area. The instructions say to turn my unit on first, then insert the card. First off...this is impossible as the card slot is under the batteries. So, I just insert the card then turn on unit and hit menu twice and enter setup...then go to setup and go to map. I'm not seeing anything from my new card. No maps to import or select or anyrhing. Any idea of what I'm doing wrong? The instruction card says hit the home button which I do not have and days under charts, select fishing charts which I also do not see. Thinking I need to send this back.


Don't think you will find many people here that are familiar with Garmin's proprietary marine maps. The forums here are primarily for support of the free maps on this site. You have purchased an expensive product, and one advantage of that is supposed to be that Garmin will provide support, so try contacting them directly.

I have never used a Garmin marine map, but I have a couple regular maps that I purchased on pre-loaded data cards. With these, you definitely don't want to insert a card after a device has been turned on. If the card is already in the slot at startup, then it's just a matter of going to the Map Setup menu and enabling it. There is nothing to "import". Either it works, or it doesn't.

There could be something wrong with your data card, or possibly the map isn't compatible with your gps.