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Ibycus USA 2.01 covers Topo Canada V2

Started by kdeans97, August 10, 2009, 08:51:54 AM

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GPSMAP 60CSX. I recently added the Ibycus USA 2.01 map set. On a recent trip that included travel in the US and Canada, most of the Topo Canada information was hidden by the Ibycus USA maps for a number of miles into Canada. When changing resolution, I could see the Canada information render and then get wiped out as the US map loaded on top. It is as if the Ibycus USA maps are larger in area than they need to be and that larger area is not populated with any information. Once farther from the border the Topo Canada maps would view properly. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a solution?

Indrid Cold

I believe that the map author assumed that you would not be in the US or Canada at the same time. On your GPS, you can disable the US mapset while you are in Canada. On a GPSMAP 60CSX:

  • Main Menu
  • Setup
  • Map
  • Use the rocker to scroll over to Map Setup - Information
  • Press the Menu Button
  • Select "Hide Ibycus US"
  • press the Enter Button


Thank You. I continue to learn about the 60CSX. If you know the author of those maps, it would be helpful if on a future release he were aware of this so as to avoid the problem as I'm sure there are other users who will encounter this distraction. My only other comment on that great map set is that there is an inconsistency in the fact that all water is not colored blue although some is.


Census TIGER county data files were used for the Ibycus US mapset.  Data generally stops at the US border, hence the non-US portion of oceans, lakes and rivers are not included.  The maps suffer in those areas, but there are issues in using other data for those areas and the time necessary to create the mapset goes way up.