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Garmin Drivesmart

Started by Vankemp, March 22, 2020, 04:46:49 PM

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I just purchased a new Drivesmart 70. I have several gpx format maps that I would like to load on it. I have tried tirelessly to load a few different files using Basecamp. I have copied and pasted the files, I have used the Basecamp transfer, etc.. but I can not seem to find or view the log? Any thoughts or suy. I have googled and YouTube's this and still no luck. Tia


You cannot load tracks  on Garmin's automotive devices, this has always been the case and is a common complaint. So I assume that your "maps" are actually tracks, and those just won't ever work. You can load gpx files with waypoints, but not tracks. To clarify: gpx files can contain either lines or points. Lines are called "tracks" and points are called "waypoints". There are also "routes", but on a Garmin Automotive Device, these will be converted to "trips".

Apparently Garmin has done this intentionally, because there's no technical reason why it shouldn't work. But Garmin has always had a strategy of removing certain features from devices to force you to buy something more expensive. In this case, they want you to buy an outdoor-type device if you need to use tracks.

Now there is a work-around, but not very simple. You can use one of these programs to turn your tracks into transparent maps that will display on top of the City Navigator map. The first one is free, I have not used either.