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Hatfield McCoy and outlaw maps

Started by chrgnu, January 27, 2020, 03:46:27 PM

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Does anyone use a samsung tablet with Hatfield McCoy or the Outlaw maps.  If so, what tablet and where can I get the map downloads.  There are a few places that sell loaded tablets for $200-$300, that seems a little bit high.

Mike B

I use phones, not tablets.  Any tablet that has GPS will work.

As for where to get maps, download this document from Bob T.
It has step by step instructions to walk you thru the process.

When I setup a new device I download the app (Orux) from google play direct to device.  I download all of Bob's files to my PC/Laptop.  Then, I plug the device into my PC/Laptop and move everything over that way.