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gmapsupp file in etrex 20

Started by el69564, February 28, 2020, 11:42:01 AM

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I went thru the process of downloading 10 maps to create 1 gmapsupp file.
When I put it into my etrex 20, and  try to select a map, I'm seeing (displayed) only 2
of the map names. I enabled both. I tried viewing some tracks in states other than
the states that were  displayed, and the map data for those states displayed OK. I thought  all the states on the gmapsupp file would display. And if only one displays because it is a single gmapsupp file, why am I seeing 2 map names that can be enabled/disabled?
Is that just the way it works???   Thanks!


I don't understand how you created the gmapsupp.img file. The "old way" to do this with Mapsource is described here:

However, the eTrex 20 isn't one of the old GPS units that can only use a single gmapsupp.img file. The eTrex 20 will recognize map files with any name as long as they have an .img extension. On this type of device, it is better to use just one map per file. My experience is that when you combine multiple maps in a single file, there can be issues, especially if the maps are from different sources/authors.


Boyd-I did use the documented way using Basecamp/Mapinstall, not Maosource.
I will give the many map single file gmapsupp a try. If I encounter problems,
I have the old individual files available on a different card.
Maybe  seeing only 2 map names (of the many) when trying to enable/disable a map thru setup is a sign of a problem.
Thanks for the feedback!