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Topo maps say disk image is corrupted

Started by fireman4, February 27, 2020, 06:10:06 AM

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I downloaded several Topo maps to install on my etrex 30x, I have tried several times but each time it says maps were loaded they show up on sad card but not on the unit.  When I click on them on sd card it says the disk image is corrupted.  Any fix for this.  The maps do open in base camp.


The " disk image is corrupted " message is bogus and doesn't mean anything. Garmin maps have an .img file extension, and (unfortunately) the .img extension is also used for disk images. The computer doesn't find the right kind of data and therefore assumes you have a courrpted disk image. But in fact you have a valid map file.

What maps did you download? How did you install them? Most of the maps on this site include an installer that will put the maps into Basecamp on your computer. You should then be able to view them on the computer and make sure everything looks OK. You then use MapInstall to send the map to your GPS. Did you do all of this?

There is an older version of Basecamp/MapInstall that doesn't work correctly. Make sure you have installed the newest versions.

Another possible problem is the way the SD card is formatted. It must be formatted as FAT-32 and this may not be possible with cards larger than 32gb (IIRC). If the card is not formatted FAT-32, then everything will appear to work on the computer, but the GPS will not recognize the maps.


Thanks the SD card maybe the issue, I will check it.