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GPSMap62s Track List issue unresolved by Garmin Support

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Does anyone know what criteria the GPSMap62 firmware uses to display the tracks in the "Track List" (and the Archive List) in sequence?  If I save recorded tracks with the default Date/Time name they list in chronological order with the newest track at the top.

But if I edit the tracks in Basecamp, give them a meaningful name (eg: 2020-01-20 Liverpool, 20-01-25 Chester) and export GPX files giving them the same meaningful names, then copy the files back to the GPSMap62 they do not list in any alphabetical or chronological order.

With just a few one day hikes this is not much of a problem - I usually only have the tracks I'm currently using on the device.  But with a multi-day hike with a number of alternate and side tracks (in June/July I'm walking the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain, 750km over 35 days) I'd like all the tracks in sequence for each day.

I've exported all the tracks I downloaded with names like "01 Place A - Place B", "02 Place B - Place C", "02a Alternate", etc. and I exported them in sequence (exporting the last day's track first and the first day's track last) so that all the GPX file data is in both alphabetical and chronological order.  So I thought the GPSMap62 would display the first day's walk at the top of the list and so on.

But the Track List (and Archive List) is always out of sequence with any tracks I send back to the device - tracks recorded on the device or downloaded tracks.  I think (not 100% sure) that the GPSMap62 always displays the list in the same out of sequence order with the same files so maybe it's not just random.

After 2 weeks of back and forth emails to Garmin Support with example files and explanations their final answer was "Unfortunately we are unable to say why the device is listing these tracks randomly. I am very sorry about any inconvenience."

Help ! ! !

This is just a guess (but an educated one, I hope).... they are probably using information INSIDE the track files to sort the list. Not quite clear from your post, but maybe they are using the date the track was recorded?

.gpx files are just plain text and are human-readable. Open a file and have a look, this can be done in any text editor such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on the Mac. Was recently writing some software to work with .gpx files, and just had a quick look. There's a timestamp at the beginning of the file, like this:

--- Code: ---<metadata>
    <link href="">
    <text>Garmin International</text>

--- End code ---

If it's using that timestamp for sorting, then you could manually change it to force a sort in any order you like. The "Z" indicates they are in Zulu time. There's also a name inside the file that it might be using, and Basecamp might not change it.

It should go without saying that you should make backup copies of the .gpx files before attempting to modify them. :)

Boyd - Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I've checked the contents of the GPX files.  The <time> data gets updated every time you export from Basecamp.  That's why I exported the files in sequence so that the embedded Date/Time data would be in sequence.  So in any of my own files recorded with the GPSMap62 each track point has data for the Date/Time it was recorded but the <time> data on about line 7 of each file is for when it was last saved or exported.

Some of the downloaded files don't have any data for elevation or date/time of each track point - only the Lat/Lon co-ordinates but none of those GPX files come in sequence when I put them back on the device either.

So all the Date/Time data of the files and each track point if they exist are all in chronological order and the file names are in alpha/numeric order.

I've tried using the "Send" function of Basecamp (which does not use the exported GPX files) and I've copied the files through Windows to the GPSMap62.  I've tried sending them one at a time and I've tried exporting a batch of tracks as one GPX file.  Every method results in the same out of sequence track list.

As I said earlier, for individual unrelated tracks it's not a big problem.  But for a multi day trip I'd really like the tracks to list in sequence.

I'll try some experiments over the next few days.  I'll go out and save the "Current Track" every few minutes, then take the files off the GPSMap62, turn it off and on again, put the files back on and check the track list.  I'll also try putting some files on to a friend's Etrex to see if another device has the same result.

Time for a cup of tea . . .

Interesting. In the end, you may just have to accept the fact that it won't do what you want.  >:(

Well I've made a little bit of progress . . .

I went out today with the GPSMap62 and saved the Current track 4 times with the default date/time names -
Track_2020-02-01 101349
Track_2020-02-01 102350
Track_2020-02-01 103202
Track_2020-02-01 103533

Back home I copied the files to the PC and deleted all saved tracks on the device.

Then I made copies of the files and kept the originals un-edited.  I loaded the copies into Basecamp and renamed them in various ways and kept exporting each version but did not edit anything else in the tracks, just the names.  So I ended up with files like "01 Out", "02 Here", "03 There", "04 Return" and "AA Out", "BB Here", "CC There", "DD Return" with each file having the same embedded track name (as it appears in Basecamp) and file name.

Then I copied the files back to the GPSMap62 in various ways to try to determine what changes affected the track list order on the device.

When I copied the 4 original files back they only appeared in sequence if they were copied one at a time in the sequence required.  Copying the earliest file first, then the next earliest then the next one then the most recent file last resulted in the correct order just like when they get saved on the device.  If the files are copied in the reverse order they appear in the track list with the oldest track at the top and the newest at the bottom.  If the files are copied back out of sequence that's how they appear in the track list.

Also the alpha/numeric embedded names of the tracks have an influence on the track list order.

I also renamed some of the files with nonsense names but left the embedded track names.  These tracks still appeared in the track list correctly.

So part of the criteria of the device firmware for the track list order seems to be the track name (not the filename) and the sequence the files get copied to the device.

However, I've tried the same process with the files I downloaded for the Camino de Santiago trip but they are still showing out of sequence.  Maybe it's because those tracks don't have any date/time and elevation data with each track point.

More testing and tea required . . .


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