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Basecamp Maps missing

Started by el69564, January 30, 2020, 09:33:48 AM

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All my maps that I had in Basecamp are gone except for 1.    Any suggestions
on what I should do to get them back.  Is map data stored in the backups? Thanks


I just figured out what happened. I moved my Garmin folder (where the map data is stored) to another another folder, thereby changing the path to the maps. Does anybody know what I would have to do to change Basecamp to look for the maps using the new path?  Thanks


Depends on the type of maps you're talking about. Garmin's own products use the newer "gmap" format, where you can just drag files around without causing problems. Very few third party maps use this format however (with the exception of Mac versions, which always use gmap).

The vast majorithy of maps at gpsfiledepot use Garmin's old "registry format" however, and you cannot move these files around without causing major problems. And just backing up the files and copying back usually won't work either. This is because the maps use the Windows registry, and that is not affected when you just move the files around.

So this gets pretty complicated, and you may have created some big problems if you moved the files away for their installed location. To move maps to a different location, use the free GMTK program, it will also adjust the registry as needed.

That may not help if you've already moved them however. But give it a try, it will attempt to analyze and fix map problems automatically. MapsetToolkit is another way to install/move maps, but it is more complicated than I can explain here.

If you still have installers from your maps, or if they are available here at GPSFileDepot, it might be easier to just download/install again if you can't figure this out.